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Adams & Adams, Inc. Dart League

Adams & Adams, Inc., has been running the Greater New Bedford area's largest and longest-running soft tip dart league for over 20 years. The soft-tip dart league, an exclusive for Adams & Adams patrons, runs from October through April.

Twenty-five teams compete on a weekly basis. Each team consists of 4 players and 2 substitutes. Statistics are electronically calculated and posted in the hosting business within 24 hours.

Dues of $5.00 per person are collected weekly. One hundred percent of dues (approximately $8000) is returned to players via banquet, trophies, and cash prizes.

The Adams & Adams Dart League will introduce NEW customers to your business and will provide you with at least 8-10 people in your business each and every Wednesday night for more than 7 months a year. Let us show you how the Adams & Adams Dart League will increase your business.

Adams & Adams also sells dart supplies (sets of darts, dart tips, flights, and more).

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Download 2014-2015 Dart League Schedules:

Download these schedules in printable PDF format:

2014-2015 Adams & Adams Dart League Teams & participating business locations:

  • Club Ponta Delgada
  • JT's Pub
  • Panthers Athletic and Social Club
  • Pub 126
  • VFW 28 Roosevelt St
  • Dipper Cafe
  • Wonder Bowl
  • Rasputin's Tavern



1. The games played will be, 4 of 301, 4 of 301 dbl in dbl out, 2 of 501, 2 of 701 and 1 of team cricket.

2. Players who use their own darts must use unaltered darts as long as they do not exceed 25 grams in weight and are not longer than 8".

3. A dart thrown that does not register MAY NOT be manually scored.

4. Players must throw from behind the foul line. Players will be allowed to lean across the foul line with a trail foot, as long as the trail foot does not touch the floor before the dart scores.

5. Dart machine is always right. If the machine is not working properly, both team captains will decide whether to continue play or make up the games, if the machine locks up and stats are lost, both team captains will mutually agree on the games won & lost up to that point. All other games will be made up within a 2 week period. If team captains cannot agree all games must be made up in the same time period.

6. Teams will consist of 4-players. Team captains will decide which players will compete in all games.

7. In the event of an absent player, a sub may be taken from the bar on the night of league play. The scheduled dart player is still responsible for their $5.00 dues. The subs only responsibility is to pay the quarters when it is their turn to play. A sub can only play for one team. If a team uses a sub, who has played for another team, all games used with that sub will be wins for the other team.

7b. Subs playing for a team must have a dart average equal to or less than the team average he or she is playing for. A sub with a higher spree than the Avg of the spree for the team he or she is playing for may only sub for that team one time (excluding play-offs).We will use the previous years average as a gauge. Any players (subs) who do not have a spree, will be given a 2.0 spree (the league avg.).

8. Teams going out on a tie win.

9. Game time will be 7:00 pm., teams will have 15 minutes regular time to show. At 7:15 pm., if the other team has not shown up, the team that is there will win by forfeit. A team may play with 3 players, when it is the turn of the absent player, his teammate will just pass when it is the absent players turn.

10. In case of extenuating circumstances only, play can be made up if a team calls the Adams & Adams, Inc. and calls the other team captain before 7:00 pm., Monday night and both teams agree to reschedule. All regularly scheduled rescheduled games must be made up within a two week period.

10b. All play-off games must be played by the following Sunday at the same time as the regularly scheduled games (7:00pm-7:15pm). Play can be made up if a team calls Adams & Adams, Inc., and calls the other team captain before 7:00 pm., Monday night and both teams agree to reschedule. If one of the teams cannot reschedule, the team that is asking to reschedule must use their subs or play with three players for that week, or forfeit.

11. Players will pay $5.00 per week dues, and also pay own quarters for the machine.

12. A player released from one team wanting to play for another team must have written permission from his/her team captain to play for the other team. A player released from one team must sit out (not play) for the first 8 weeks with the new team. The sit out time will start from the time the league president receives the written release.

13. Team Captain only may instruct his/her own player for a period no longer than 15 seconds.

14. Bars cannot charge the dart players a cover charge during league play.

15. No kibitzing or harassment from players or spectators will be tolerated. No foul or abusive language will be tolerated.

16. Any physical violence and the player or the team will be expelled from the league and forfeit all money paid.

17. Abuse of equipment, poor sportsmanship, or unethical conduct will be grounds for forfeiture of a game, match or expulsion from the league.

18. It is each players responsibility to see that the machine is displaying his/her name prior to throwing any darts. If a player throws when the machine is displaying an opponents name, the opponent has the option of accepting that score and allowing play to continue, or resetting the machine to the players name who originally threw on the wrong name and then continue play. Player must throw his/her first dart within 2-minutes once the opponent has removed their darts.

19. If a player throws out of turn, but on his team mates turn, then the whole team must pass the next round (3-darts each). Also the team that shot out of turn may not go out on the round immediately following the penalty. If the a team wins on a round that they shot out of turn on, that team looses that game.

20. Team captains are responsible for $20.00, home captains are responsible for total money ($40.00), and to see that it is properly deposited in the league slot on the right hand side of the front of the dart machine. MAKE SURE MONEY IS PUSHED ALL THE WAY INTO THE LEAGUE SLOT!!!

21. If something comes up that is not spelled out in these rules, continue play, do not argue, just write down a protest on a paper, sign it and give a brief description of the problem and the questionable rule will be decided by the the Dart League Committee Their decision will be the final decision.

22. Regular players and Subs must have played for the same team at least 5 weeks of the regular season to qualify for play-off play.

23. All ties at the end of the year for first, second and third, previous weeks standings will determine winner.

24. First place of each division will receive sponsorship trophies.

25. A trophy will be given to the player with the most ton's and hat tricks in each division. Also, a trophy will be given for mvp in each division.

26. 4 banquet tickets will be given to each captain, subs are not responsible for dues therefore they must purchase their own tickets for banquet.

27. Once a team has picked the players to start the match, all players for that match MUST BE PRESENT. ONE TIME ONLY, If a team has to wait more than (1) one minute for a player to shoot, the opposing team may pass on that player for that round. If it happens a second time and the player is not present the opposing team may immediately pass on the player who is not present.

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